Takis Shelter

Non Profit Organisation


Some rescues have been ill-treated and their lives are just beginning. They all need the security of loving homes where they can rebuild their lives and find happiness.


There are NO adoption fees.

We ask only you pay for the pet passport and an IATA-compliant animal carrier.


By sponsoring an animal, you guarantee they receive the vital aid they so desperately need.


Sponsor as much or as little as you like by setting up a monthly or yearly plan.


Takis Shelter relies solely on your donations.


Monthly food bills come to over 2,000 EUR and vets bills 2,500 EUR, so donations are vital.


Donating is simple and secure, and the money is sent directly to Takis Shelter.


Volunteers make a huge contribution to the work done at Takis Shelter.

If you're not ready to adopt but passionate about animals and want to make a difference, come and help out at the shelter for a few hours or days.