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Sponsoring an animal is a rewarding way of supporting the work of the shelter.

When you help care for one animal, we're able to rescue and care for another.


Donating to the shelter means the animals can be continued to be cared for.

Your donation helps pay for necessities like food, a warm bed and veterinary care.

About Takis Shelter...


Set up over four years ago, and with the sole purpose of rescuing the stray, abandoned animals of Crete, Takis Shelter cares for over 175 dogs and 13 cats.


Based in Ierapetra, the South of Crete, the rescued cats and dogs have up to 5,300 square meters of private, enclosed olive groves to run around in.


With very few people willing to help, there is still an overwhelming amount of stray cats and dogs in the South that need rescuing. In the past, dogs have been left tied-up, often with their puppies in a box, outside of the shelter.


Over 160 of the shelters cats and dogs have been neutered with only a remaining few left, due to their age or health.


This shelter receives no help from the authorities and relies solely on donations.


There are over 150 dogs and 10 cats still looking for their Forever Homes, so please visit the 'Support' page to find your best friend.






This morning, together with the police and the 2nd mayor, we discovered dogs abandoned in a derelict building. Sadly, 2 dogs were found dead upon arrival.


01/01/18 HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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A new photo gallery of dogs that have found their forever homes has been created. Have a look here: GALLERY



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